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Natalie Hyatt


                With Natalie Hyatt’s help I have come to appreciate the power of executive coaching to make me a more focused, thoughtful, and effective rabbi.  I am continually impressed with the breadth of her professional knowledge and the wisdom of her insights.  From time management to energy leadership and goal setting Natalie provides me with the tools to better see myself and build stronger relationships with my staff and my congregants.  By taking a holistic approach she has also made me more aware of the importance of self-care and how to create a positive balance between family, home, and work.  Natalie’s guidance has enabled me to tap into strengths and qualities that I never knew I had.  I can honestly state that her help has made me more successful in the pulpit as well as in other areas of life.

-Sr. Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner

Jacksonville Jewish Center, FL


                Natalie’s coaching has been invaluable. We have worked together for over 10 years. She continues to help me reframe issues by asking thought provoking questions. Natalie encourages me to bring my best self to every situation. My whole team has benefited as I am a stronger and more compassionate leader with Natalie’s guidance.


                          “We all need somebody to lean on”


As the Sr. Rabbi for a large congregation I am constantly being leaned on to provide support for my members, lay leaders, clergy team and staff. As Bill Withers wrote “We all need somebody to lean on,” and as I have learned, I too, need that somebody to lean on for support, guidance, understanding and skills development.  


Natalie Hyatt and her Leading-Growth coaching has become that somebody and has proven to be critical to my success and my sustainability. Natalie’s coaching style and accessibility are an invaluable tool enabling me to serve all who need me in a much deeper and meaningful way. 


Natalie will help you tackle your past; help you develop skills needed for your present and establish a renewed confidence for your future. I couldn’t recommend Natalie’s coaching and approach to coaching any more enthusiastically then I do. 

-Sr. Rabbi Dennis J Eisner

Peninsula Temple Beth El, CA

-Sr. Rabbi Susie Heneson Moskowitz

Temple Beth Torah, NY

            Every time we speak I come away with deeper insights and a greater awareness of myself, and what I need to do to succeed. You are such a remarkable coach and human being, and I cannot imagine being where I am, or going to where I want to go, without your guidance, wisdom, insights and warmth.


-Louis Feldstein

Founder & CEO

Dynamic Change Solutions

I’d like to welcome you to explore Leading Growth and get a feel for who I am and what I bring to coaching relationships. My name is Natalie Hyatt and I’ve been a certified Executive & Professional Coach for over 14 years. 


Before diving full time into coaching, I led teams around the globe working for Fortune 500 organizations. Having these relevant and progressive leadership experiences along with the wonderful professional development provided, adds not only a heightened level of understanding, but the credibility to support you and your unique journey. 


It’s amazing to me how much I learn in the process of coaching by connecting with each client and exploring their goals, passions and sometimes barriers. Each person is unique and their journeys are no different.  As a coach, I keep to my clients’ agenda, ensuring that each session accomplishes what they wish and moves them forward through positive change. Most of my clients are leaders – and as such, it isn’t only about the leader, but the impact each has on their team and others around them.

In respect to my experience and qualifications, here are a few things to consider:


  • Over 25 years leading individuals & teams both onsite and virtually – around the world

  • 14 years as a certified Executive Coach- proudly working with hundreds of leaders 

  • A graduate of iPEC – a 9 month intensive coaching school, specifically focused on building my skill set and toolkit to effectively coach leaders through positive change

  • Certifications include:

    • Energy Leadership (via iPEC)

    • Clifton Strengths (aka Gallup Strengths)

    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

    • Emotional Intelligence (Talent Smart)


  • If you are looking for someone to challenge you and to have you consider situations in new and inspiring ways – I’m your coach.

  • If you are looking for someone to inspire different actions with enhanced results, I’m your coach. 

  • If you are looking for someone who is completely focused and dedicated to your agenda and your success, I’m your coach. 

  • If you are looking for someone to be your objective thought partner, I’m your coach. 

To get started:


  1. Please reach out via phone or email and let’s set up ~30 min. to connect and get to know one another

  2. If we both think this could be a good partnership, we schedule our first formal session

  3. There are no contracts and no commitments (except for those you wish to make and keep in pursuing your own goals)


I look forward to the possibilities!

                Natalie has helped me to identify and maximize my strengths, build a stronger professional team, navigate personnel issues, manage conflict between staff and lay leaders, and work toward an inspiring vision that will propel my organization forward. She advises me with wisdom and experience, and she is a thoughtful listener who invests the time to know me as a person and as a manager. Through Natalie’s coaching, I have grown to be a more capable, powerful, and confident leader, and I have found that her feedback and instruction about energy, time, and productivity in the workplace translates to the home to make me a better husband and parent. I have also benefited greatly from the dozen books or so that she encouraged me to read, and the leadership and management component of my job has become my favorite reading topic and area of growth.

-Sr. Rabbi Seth Haaz

Har Zion Temple, PA


                Working with Natalie has been one of the best decisions in my career. Her guidance on specific situations to helping me look at the bigger picture is so helpful. Natalie brings a wealth of knowledge from both the Jewish world and the business world to her coaching and she is quite adept at helping me envision how to be a better leader.


-Rabbi Laurence Groffman

Temple Sholom of West Essex, NJ

                This is the second time in my rabbinic career I've worked with Natalie. Then and now, Natalie's guidance helps me to be a better leader, supervisor and rabbi. She asks thoughtful questions and assists me in staying accountable to the tasks we outline in our sessions. My rabbinate is better because of the work we do together.


-Rabbi Dr. Eleanor Steinman

Temple Beth Shalom, TX

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