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Great Leadership grows from the seeds of wisdom, proper preparation & outstanding performance.


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Executive Leadership

Leading Growth Executive Coaching is a dynamic process that takes leaders and organizations from where they are to where they want to be by assessing current challenges, clarifying goals, removing obstacles, and creating momentum through actionable goals. By focusing on strengths, Natalie is able to keep to the clients’ agenda; be the objective thought partner and challenge the leader to shift into new ways of thinking and behaving as they realize increased success.

Rabbinic Coaching
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Leading Growth’s Rabbinic Coaching takes into account the unique needs of both the business/management demands of running a congregation and the leadership needs intrinsic in being a spiritual leader. Let’s face it, as a rabbi, you have competing priorities and numerous people requiring your time and attention. Getting it all done and done well takes diligence, focus and a compelling ‘why’ or purpose – amongst other things. By carving out time to work on you and your leadership, you will realize a significant shift in your success and overall fulfillment.  

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Team Training & Development

Leading Growth offers teams the opportunity to pull together and focus on strengthening who they are and how they can increase the quality of their work through collaboration and a foundation of trust. Oftentimes, team members are faced with varying objectives and goals, while attempting to work collectively. This can cause chaos, confusion and just an underlying sense that the team is not aligned. Tap into Leading Growth's experience and expertise to identify ideal strategies and tactics to enhance the work you get to do together.

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